The hallmark of Damson Tree Vodka is the careful creation of its distinctive, delicious flavour. Small batches of home-grown damsons are steeped in quality vodka for an entire year to develop a deep, fruity character, with subtle accents of almond and marzipan. Twice filtered, and bottled by hand, Damson Tree Vodka is meticulously crafted.

‘Flavour this superior takes time to develop…’

Using damsons grown in the orchards at Gattertop and steeped in barrels in an old barn on the farm; from tree to bottle, Damson Tree Vodka is carefully created by hand. A blend of three varieties – King of Damson, Farleigh and Merryweather – are grown in the orchards at Gattertop. Once fully ripened, the damsons are handpicked each summer. They are then mixed in barrels with high quality vodka and vegan cane sugar (to counterbalance the tartness of the fruit), in a process known as ‘steeping’. The clean, crisp taste of vodka was chosen over any other spirit to enhance the fruity flavour of the damson. It was deemed the perfect foil for damsons as it prevents the palate from becoming confused, which can happen when damsons are combined with the botanicals found in other spirits. Vodka ensures a clean, untainted flavour. The vodka used at Damson Tree is produced by using fermentation ethanol, which is derived from sugar beet and consequently, it is free from gluten, wheat, rye, barley and oats.

While other brands manufacture in large batches or use syrups and steep the fruit for a few weeks, Damson Tree Vodka is unusual because the damsons are left to steep for a whole year. The hallmark of Damson Tree’s quality is the length of time taken during the steeping process. This not only creates a beautiful, jewel coloured hue but most importantly, a distinctive depth of flavour, by ensuring that the unique almond aroma slowly imparted by the damson stones is fully captured. This only happens after many months of steeping and really enhances the flavour on the palate. Once the steeping process is complete, the damson infused vodka is filtered twice by hand, then hand-bottled and labelled in the barn at Gattertop.


Damson Tree Vodka strives to be environmentally responsible during the manufacturing process, which is all done by hand. Once filtered, the leftover damsons are used up in jams and jellies. The bottle and cork are both fully recyclable, and all processing takes place on Gattertop, ensuring minimum food miles. Reinvested into planting new trees and supporting charitable causes from every bottle purchased.