The damson: /’damz(ə)n/ (noun) an ancient form of plum, with a sharp, zingy taste, brimming with vitamins and minerals.

Bursting with juiciness and top notes of almond, this velvety smooth, hand-crafted damson vodka can be enjoyed neat, on ice or is delicious in cocktails.

Delectably piquant, with a spectacular, crimson hue, Damson Tree Vodka is carefully produced in the Herefordshire hills. Made by hand in small batches, home-grown fruit is slowly steeped in quality vodka for a whole year to create a crisp, elegant and deep, fruity flavour, with subtle accents of marzipan. Damson Tree Vodka is a five-time Great Taste award winner.

“Gorgeous vodka… very well made indeed”

Great Taste Awards

Inspired by a childhood spent roaming the hills and sampling the bounty of the Herefordshire countryside, founder Gemma Standeven created Damson Tree Vodka from the abundance of delicious fruit growing in the family orchards. The damsons are grown, harvested, steeped, twice hand filtered, bottled and labelled all by hand at the family farm at Gattertop in Herefordshire resulting in a truly artisan taste.

Delicious Damsons Picked By Hand

Steeped In Premium Vodka For Over A Year

Carefully Filtered To The Very Last Drop

Bottled, Capped & Labelled By Hand


Renowned for its medicinal proper ties, the damson is an ancient fruit brought to Britain by the Romans. When combined with cane sugar and quality vodka, the sublime result is a delicious spirit that can be enjoyed on the moor or river, in cocktails and as a wonderful accompaniment to cheese.

Nut Free, Vegan Friendly And Gluten Free.
Recyclable. Environmentally responsible.